Receipt printer + Nintendo controller + E-ink display + Raspberry Pi

Running in a blizzard is about as miserable as it sounds. The snow is pelting you in the face, the ground is getting slick, and the wind cuts through your dampening gear.

But not always.

There is a magic moment hidden in the blizzard that you’ll experience if you stick with it long enough. In an instant, the entire experience can transform from misery to ecstasy. Let me explain…

Most of your running in a snow storm involves battling the conditions. You are pushing through the wind, squinting through the snow, choosing your steps, and trying to maintain your core…

Embarrassing designs, 100+ inspiring images, and the complete story of how I fired myself over and over until my book cover was finished

Today I am going to take you on a trip inside the design process for the cover of User Zero. I will show you hundreds of images that inspired me, all the rejected designs, and my thought process as I waded through the creative swamp until I completed a book cover that I am really proud of.

One of the things I find fascinating about design is the unique ways people generate new ideas. You can learn a tiny bit from studying the end product, but the bigger lessons are in the negative space, in the things that never made…

A How-To Guide for Editing the Simulation

Note: The following letter is a sample of my weekly email to friends. It’s free to sign up and new subscribers get Art of the Living Dead for free just for subscribing.

Dear friend,

Let’s say you could load 2020 into a simulation that you could replay on your computer over and over. I know that sounds like torture but stick with me…

Once the 2020 simulator is on your computer, you could experiment with editing. Digitally you could experiment with violence, dropping bombs on Wuhan and assassinating world leaders. For fun you could inflict calamities on your co-workers and…

How 2020 is breaking the permanence illusion

“We are powerfully imprisoned by the terms in which we have been conducted to think.” — Buckminster Fuller

This might be the most optimistic view of the pandemic, maybe even life in general, that you will ever read. Sure, I have my bad days, but this isn’t one of them. Today I want to give you more hope than you ever thought possible.

But before I can show you utopia, I need to destroy some solid statues that were erected in your mind long ago

Think back to your education, to those early days when everything was still possible. I…

This is the story of how I created one of the strangest cameras you may ever hear about. I’ve been working on the design for over a year and I’m finally ready to share it with the world. It’s a long story, but first I want to jump to the end. Here’s what the final camera looks like as well as what a photo take with it:

I signed up for ETHDenver 2020 hoping to learn more about cryptocurrency. What I came away with was questions about the viability of, well, everything. Yes, the blockchain promises to revolutionize our world, but it’s more than that. The thing that stood out after a weekend at ETHDenver wasn’t the tech, it was the people and the process. Let me try to explain what I saw and why it is important.

ETHDenver takes place at the Sports Castle, an old warehouse building that has nothing at all to do with sports or castles. With chipped paint, brick walls, exposed wires…

and 3 other reasons not to join my mailing list…

I’ve started a new writing project Letter Zero. I want to send my twisted blend of technology critique, storytelling, and ideas for creative energy management right to your inbox. But before I ask for your email address, I should warn you…

Letter Zero isn’t a normal mailing list. In fact, it is my goal to be nothing like the other stuff gunking up your inbox. So just so we are clear, you should know 3 things about Letter Zero.

1. It won’t be pretty
2. It won’t be short
3. It will be uncomfortable

Have I lost you yet? Perhaps…

I entered 2019 with more optimism than I have ever had going into the new year. I just felt like big things were on the horizon. I was right. Just as my time at Runcoach was coming to an end I found a new job at Nutrien and have spent this year immersing myself in the world of agriculture. It may seem like a shift for me to get away from fitness technology, but the similarities between optimizing human performance and equipping farms to feed the world are surprisingly parallel. …

How to use Apple’s signature noise-canceling earbuds to drop into a creative flow

A close up shot of AirPods Pro in between its packaging box and a pink notebook.
A close up shot of AirPods Pro in between its packaging box and a pink notebook.
Photo: Daniel Romero/Unsplash

I am always looking for hacks that allow me to get into the zone faster, stay there longer, and increase my creative output. Here’s a new trick that has been working for me lately.

You may recall my previous advice on how to trigger flow with coffee. The idea here is the same. Our bodies are programmable, and if we are intentional about the inputs we allow into our system, we can optimize how we experience the world. …

Adrian Hanft

Author of User Zero: Inside the Tool that is Reshaping Dystopia

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