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I’ve started a new writing project Letter Zero. I want to send my twisted blend of technology critique, storytelling, and ideas for creative energy management right to your inbox. But before I ask for your email address, I should warn you…

Letter Zero isn’t a normal mailing list. In fact, it is my goal to be nothing like the other stuff gunking up your inbox. So just so we are clear, you should know 3 things about Letter Zero.

1. It won’t be pretty
2. It won’t be short
3. It will be uncomfortable

Have I lost you yet? Perhaps I should explain…

Why won’t it be pretty? The best design lesson ever taught came from Bob Gill. He explains that only boring words need interesting graphics. Conversely, interesting words don’t need graphics at all. My goal is to deliver interesting words that stand on their own. I can’t promise that I wont ever include an image in Letter Zero, all I can say is no, it probably won’t be pretty.

Why won’t it be short? I’ve been told that people prefer bullet points, headlines, and clear calls to action. Do they? My theory is that if you speak in a human voice and have something interesting to say, people will read. That’s my goal with every email I send. I want it to feel as if you are hearing the voice of a friend. Letter Zero is not a marketing email, so no, it probably won’t be short.

Why will Letter Zero make you uncomfortable? Not everyone appreciates a voice that challenges convention, abandons tradition, and chases odd curiosities. That pretty much sums up my writing. Most of all I am searching for new ideas, the kind that take your brain to places they wouldn’t otherwise go. If I do it right then no, it probably won’t be entirely comfortable.

So how do you know if Letter Zero is right for you? If you’ve read my writing, you have a good sense for what you’ll get. If you like my voice, you’ll probably like my emails. If you are new to my writing, my audience tends to be designers, product creators, and creative thinkers. If that describes you, give it a shot.

With that, I invite you to join my personal mailing list. As a way of thanking you for sampling my long, ugly, uncomfortable newsletter I want to give you a gift. After joining, I will give you a digital copy of my book, Art of the Living Dead. I will also send you the 10 most popular articles I have written. To get your free copy of Art of the Living Dead, enter your email address at

Adrian Hanft, III

Author of User Zero: Inside the Tool that is Reshaping Dystopia

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