My 2019 Year in Review


My public writing output was down from previous years with only 11 stories published on Medium. That’s not to say I haven’t been writing, it has been quite the opposite. I have been busy working on my second book, User Zero. If you haven’t already, sign up for my mailing list so you can be first in line when the book launches in 2020. Here are links to some of the articles I wrote this year:


My best run of the year was in California, north of Santa Cruz while on a trip for work. I escaped my hotel and caught a trail heading towards Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park. Before I knew it I was surrounded by giant redwoods. The trees were stunning and being at sea level I felt unstoppable as I flew up and down the hills.


My art output was a bit scattered this year, but I had a handful of side projects that kept me entertained. If you don’t follow me already, my Instagram (@ade3) feed is the best way to keep track of my artistic output. Here are some of the projects I produced this year…

Books I Enjoyed:

This was a breakthrough year for me in terms of reading. I finally found a routine that allowed my book consumption to match my ambition. In hindsight, the key was simple. Once I allow myself to purchase audiobooks without guilt, the amount of books I completed skyrocketed. Here are the books I enjoyed most this year…

Music I Enjoyed

Father of the Bride, by Vampire Weekend
Anima, by Thom Yorke
Permanent Way, by Charlie Cunningham
Weather, by Tycho
Fever Breaks, by Josh Ritter
Let’s Rock, by The Black Keys
Wave, by Patrick Watson
The Later Years, by Pink Floyd
Closer to Grey, by Chromatics
Stockholm Marathon, by Kornel Kovacs



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Adrian Hanft

Adrian Hanft

Author of User Zero: Inside the Tool that is Reshaping Dystopia