Personal Perpetual Energy Machines

Adrian Hanft
2 min readDec 23, 2017

Science tells us that perpetual motion is impossible. Something about thermodynamics and physics.

Does the same thing apply to emotional energy?

Could you build a system that allows you to stay fully charged no matter what life throws at you?

I want to believe that you could do it, you could capture all the energy — good or bad — and use it to keep your momentum moving in the right direction.

Imagine a life where every input makes you better, where careful curation of your friends, food, fitness, and work allow you to be completely optimized.

You could break free of the high/low rhythm, say goodbye to the fluctuation between euphoric flow states and the dreaded dull days.

You could have fewer days of blah, shorter chunks of life that pass without remark.

You could have more days of productivity, bigger blocks of beauty, extended time in your zone.

Could it be possible to change the modulation of life?

The year ends soon. It is another cycle, another loop around the sun.

As we plan for 2018 it is another chance to optimize our machines, a reason to evaluate our systems, an excuse to keep believing in perpetual motion. This time around we are going to make a dent.

Thanks for reading my words this year. I normally end these posts with a promise to be back next Saturday with another installment. I definitely plan on writing next year, but I am considering a different rhythm. I have big plans, new projects, and different ways to put my ideas in front of you. You will want to follow me so you don’t miss it. Stay creative.



Adrian Hanft

Author of User Zero: Inside the Tool that is Reshaping Dystopia