Science is all in your head

Adrian Hanft
1 min readSep 24, 2016


Recalibrating the Pattern Recognition Machine, Part 4

Why do people respond to art differently?

Why has this election created the illusion of stupid people?

If our brains aren’t like computers, what is the alternative?

If I am doing my job my last three stories made you uncomfortable. Nobody likes to be told their brain is broken and my answers to these questions weren’t exactly textbook.

Perhaps your pattern recognition machine is more tuned to believe academic answers from scientists over artists who believe in zombies. I accept that. And you are in luck.

New science seems to support my crazy idea that your pattern recognition machine needs to be recalibrated. First, read this article, What If Evolution Bred Reality Out Of Us? and then watch the TED video.

Science sure makes it hard to know what to believe, doesn’t it?

Thanks for reading today. Science shows that people who share my writing with friends are 17% more likely to change the world. Stay creative.



Adrian Hanft

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